Common Eye Problems

Myopia (Short Sight)

Things in the distance are blurred but things get clearer the closer they are to you.

Hypermetropia (Long Sight)

Thigns are clearer in the distance than when they are close to you.


This is a distortion of focusing and makes things appear blurred both near and far.


The lens inside the eye can become opaque. This often happens as the eye ages and can cause the vision to be come very blurred. Cataracts can be corrected much more easily than they used to be. The cataract is replaced with a clear plastic lens within the eye returning vision to a near normal state.


A disease of the eye where the pressure inside the eye causes damage and if undetected can lead to blindness. This is usually corrected using drops to relieve the pressure in the eye so no further damage is done. Unfortunately there are virtually no symptoms to this condition and it is usually only detected on visiting the optician.